3 Simple Strategies for Positive Outcomes in 2011

Laura Novakowski  -  Jan 03, 2011  -  Comments Off on 3 Simple Strategies for Positive Outcomes in 2011

It’s Monday, the first of 52 Mondays in 2011. Let’s consider creating a strategy that will tip the scales for not just a successful day, but a successful week and then a subsequent successful year. Part of me wanted to stay in bed and start later and then I realized that the way I start the day, the week, the year not just can but will set the stage for 2011.

Then I decided to ask myself, “What results to do I want for 2011?”

Powerful Physical Health – our bodies are the only vehicle that we have that will transport us through our work and life. Granted we may have some limitations that challenge us and yet we have a responsibility to feed nutritiously and exercise prodigiously to ensure amazing results. When we fail to respect our physical body, the machine will fail. I once heard someone say,If you don’t actively focus on being healthy, you will be forced to focus on disease. It’s always your choice.” If we want to create more powerful physical health, we need to focus, set specific goals and become more disciplined. Traits that I would like to have attributed to me.

Exciting Mental Growth – Forest Long of the ad agency Young and Rubicam coined the phrase, “the mind is a terrible thing to waste.” We are never too old to learn. Finding ways to stimulate and interest the mind are personal and highly individualized for each of us. I am determined to create a strategy that includes excitement and adventure to my year for mental growth. I will NOT waste my mind.

Committed Positive Values and EthicsAlbert Schweitzer once wrote, “Ethics is the activity of man directed to secure the inner perfection of his own personality.” At the end of the year, I certainly will not be Schweitzer, however I would like it to be said of me that, “Laura is a person that is committed to justice, compassion and human dignity.

These strategies may sound simple, and yet I know, it’s going to take discipline, a positive mental attitude and courage. I am dedicated to give these 3 simple strategies a try. What about your?

May your New Year be Happy and Prosperous.

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