720thinking for Year End Mining Your Business

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Yes, the year has sped by. We are literally days away from 2014. It seems like a good time to do some 720thinking review and reflection.

All too often , the annual business review  is an event, not a process. We, as 720thinkers, take this time to use the process and polish our lenses to ensure that we  capture the most  clear, honest and relevant data,  information and feedback as possible. The concrete review is easy, finances are usually red or black. Surveys, endorsements and testimonials often make it to the business websites, but, believe it or not, even anecdotal  comments and commentaries (come on even the negative ones) can help the most successful or the most floundering company to help tee-up 2014 to be a more successful year.   For starters, collect those random post-it notes, scraps of paper or napkins that you penned a crazy idea while kibitzing in a bar, organize and scan into a file and take time to reflect and review.  You never know what “gem” might be hiding that can take your business to a whole new level or in a very different direction.

This exercise is not for the faint of heart or New Year’s Eve. Even starting now, quite frankly is a little late, but at the old saying goes, “it’s better late than never.” And, because it’s a process, we suggest that successful businesses can start the process now using it as a benchmarking opportunity for the future.  Because 720thinking is so multidimensional, we have adopted and adapted the following four tools to help organize the process for you.  Include as many of your trusted  advisers as possible.

four_scopesSome questions to consider from each of  the above four points-of-view :

1.  No matter the size of the business, how does your internal culture stack up in comparison to the “good to great” companies?

2. How widely is the external brand of your product or service known?

3. What has affected your business decisions over the course of the year?

4. How well did your communicate your value, quality, and product or service to the does the “world”?

5. What are your clients, stakeholders, partners, employees, investors, prospects and suspects perceptions of your business FORCES:

  • Focus: vision
  • Optimizers: leadership
  • Resources: collaborative partners and team
  • Connectivity: customer loyalty
  • Engagement: employees
  • Sustainability: business acumen

6.  How have you used the following  multipliers to add to or detract from your business? Consider describing and defining very specific behaviors that supported or violated these six values.

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Courage
  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • Results

Mining_Your_business_Dec 12_2013These simple questions can be used in your year-end process tohelp review and reflect on those lost opportunities, learn from those catastrophic events, or build on those marvelous successes.  Keep in mind, this is just the start of a much bigger process.   What about it, are your up to using some 720thinking to “mine your business?”  Because if you are, you will find it essential to take charge and makes changes in your major business strategy and objectives, set new goals and take much more deliberate and committed action towards success.




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