A Life Global Positioning System (GPS)

Laura Novakowski  -  Jan 05, 2011  -  Comments Off on A Life Global Positioning System (GPS)

Achieving visions and goals takes some degree of planning. A plan simply defined is “a process or method of acting, doing, proceeding, making“; an even simpler definition is “a map.” Creating a plan involves dreaming, defining, directing and diverting. What tools do we have available to us to ensure that we arrive at our desired destination.

The marvelous Global Positioning System(GPS) comes to mind. With a GPS, one is able to connect to the target because certain coordinates have been plugged in and the time is recorded. When using the physical GPS, there a many options below are a few

  • a map
  • distance
  • real time traffic
  • detours
  • arrows
  • a voice, (my person favorite even when the street names not distinguishable but the person makes a valiant attempt with the interpretation)

having this tool for travel and vacation is marvelous, however, what if we developed our own a GPS for life?

  • A map – a plan that lays out the results we are seeking a career path, a project, any goal or objective that with a little strategic thinking and tools for implementation would make all the difference in the world.
  • Distance – how long or how far do we have to go to achieve
  • Real time traffic – those issues are in front of us every day are we are now prepared to deal with
  • Detours – Contingency plans for the unforeseen circumstances that come up along the way
  • Arrows- the tools that take us right or left, over, under, around or through what ever obstacles are standing in the way
  • A voice – the resources, mentors, self talk that can guide us, counsel us and listen when we get stalled or breakdown.

An electronic GPS saves time and generates peace of mind. With thoughtful planning, a life GPS is adds even more value. Having a plan, anticipating how long it will take, identifying what are the knows and unknows that show up, using visual to help us stay the path and to ultimately have the support and guidance to help us when the going gets tough – that’s a Life Global Positioning System. Today, let’s start developing our own GPS and see if our journey and work aren’t so much better.

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