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Laura Novakowski  -  Jan 03, 2012  -  Comments Off on Explore Your Creativity

By Judy Rienzi,
President, Health Promotions Associates

This book review is geared for women because the people interviewed are all women. However the lessons and knowledge set in this book are for everyone. 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women, by Gail McMeekin encourages us all to acknowledge and explore our creativity. (read more)

I am going to focus on one story in particular and that is the story of the author. A licensed psychotherapist, human resource consultant and coach for twenty five years, Gail helped thousands of women achieve their personal and professional goals. In the midst of her successful career she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, a debilitating autoimmune disease. Exhausted all the time, Gail tried to continue on her same life path pursuing her dreams and goals she had set for herself. In the meantime, she explored different holistic modalities but eventually realized rest was her best medicine. She began to cut back on all extra social and professional activities, negative relationships and psychotherapy practice. Her focus became self-restoration.

Gail began exploring her creative self and enrolled in a creativity class. This led Gail to engage her creative force and redesign her life based on her current health situation. Always wanting to write, she developed a portable workshop titled Positive choices: From Stress to Serenity which allowed her to stop traveling and preserve her energy. Accepting her limitations and tapping into her creativity freed her to express more creative impulses with painting , decorating, and she is still writing.

If we can’t paint or draw, we automatically assume we are not creative. If you’ve ever explored in the kitchen with food, grew a garden, set a beautiful table, or if you have kids – then you had to be creative. We impose limitations on ourselves based on fear of mistakes and failure. If you have a long desire to try you hand at a creative venture, explore your ideas and take a risk. When Gail let go of her fear of being criticized or fumbling, her cycle of rebirth was set in motion.

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