Have A Happy and Prosperous New Year

Laura Novakowski  -  Dec 30, 2010  -  Comments Off on Have A Happy and Prosperous New Year

12 Gifts to Self in 2011

  1. Set the stage health
  2. Enjoy sunrises and sunsets
  3. Go for walks in nature
  4. Read a novel (or two)
  5. Do something extra at work and tell no one about it
  6. Try something new
  7. Spend an hour or a day in silence
  8. Create a development plan and goals that support growth and development
  9. Be open to finding my talents
  10. Be kinder to self
  11. Hold myself accountable for what I control and let go of all that I don’t
  12. List 12 things that I am grateful for and send it to myself as a thank you note

What gifts will you give yourself this year?

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