How Purpose + Energy Overcomes Resistance

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Mark Twain once wrote, “Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

It’s amazing to me how  resistance affects success.  Time and talent are spend on detracting and diverting our energy towards situations, issues and problems that might show up. These de-railers are so consuming that how purpose for life, work, our passions, dreams and goals might be supported is totally lost.

Consider two senarios…

One employee believes in the organization’s vision and values. Is clear on how they can support the purpose and the objectives. Offers suggestions, volunteers, is willing to put in extra time and is supportive of the team.  Their  energy will always, and I do mean always, overcome any resistance that shows up on their path because they are focused on how to achieve the goals rather than the obstacles that are thrown in their path.

Another employee has given the organization’s vision and values lip service.  Is clear on how they must ensure that their own needs are met first.  Continuously holds to the exact hours for work and ensures that their personal time is not infringed up.  Their energy will be focused on helping them get what they want.  Forget what the organization wants and needs.

Does either situation sound familiar?

If so, as leaders and managers of talent, resources and businesses here are some tips to ensure how purpose and energy will overcome resistance.

  1. Share the purpose. In any and all media, clearly communicate the purpose of the organization. When people know their why, their how will show up.
  2. Clarify expectations.  Utilize competency based job descriptions and performance reviews.  How people are expected to meet the requirements of the position and how those requirements are to be met must be shared on hire and reviewed at least quarterly.
  3. Hold people accountable.  Notice and reward people for doing their job and more.  Conversely, be rock solid on the consequences when expectations are not met.

People will actively exert little energy towards success if the target is not clear and the challenges are too numerous to mention. However, when all the members of the team know how their performance and efforts are “meaningful” to the success of the organization, resistance will be overcome.





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