Inside Out Leadership

Laura Novakowski  -  Dec 14, 2011  -  , , , , , , ,  -  Comments Off on Inside Out Leadership

The most lasting and sustaining type of leadership comes from the inside and grows outward.

You aren’t the leader because you’re the President, CEO or Captain of the Team.  You may hold a title because you inherited it or one day you are promoted into it but the true leader, the one that people will follow no matter what happens, is the leader who earns it.

The leader is the one who, from their very core of their existence, believes that it is more important to act because it is the right thing to do not the most “politically” correct thing to do.  To be able to put your own self interest and agendas aside and to engage others’  power to make decisions and mistakes, to take the risks and achieve the successes or failures, that is a true sign of leadership.

As the leader, you must be genuine,   honorable,   respectful and   truthful;  know that lifting people up is more important than tearing them down and that with courage and conviction, you put yourself out there so that others may have the opportunity to achieve spectacular results. The leader that takes the blame, but not the credit will be the person who employees or team mates believe in and follow.

Using  influence and support, rather than authority, the company or team will make the profits, win the  games, create the new market because the leader is the heart on the inside.


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