Ken Blanchard’s Thoughts on “Life As A Choice”

Laura Novakowski  -  Dec 28, 2011  -  Comments Off on Ken Blanchard’s Thoughts on “Life As A Choice”

“Life is a choice.  I am a great admirer of the wonderful opera singer, Beverly Sills. She was doing a concert in San Francisco one afternoon.  They had a reception for her at the end of the concert, and a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle came up to her and said,” Miss Sills, I bet you hate the fact the you’ve got to give another concert tonight.”

She said: “I don’t have to give another concert tonight.  I get to give another concert tonight.”  She continued: “At one time in my life, I used to say I “had to” a lot and I could feel the energy drain.

“Suddenly, I just got it.  People are driving all over town, picking up babysitters, ad getting dressed to come and hear me sing.  I get to give another concert.”

The power of that one turn of phrase is just unbelievable.”


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