Evaluates Behavioral & Communication Style

This Innermetrix Disc Index is a modern interpretation of Dr. William Marston’s
behavioral dimensions. Marston’s research uncovered four quadrants of behavior which help to understand a person’s behavioral preferences. This Disc Index will help you understand your behavioral style and how to maximize your potential.

The DISC® report includes:

  • The Elements of DISC — Educational background behind the profile, the science and the four dimensions of behavior
  • The DISC Dimensions — A closer look at each of your four behavioral dimensions
  • Style Summary — A comparison of your natural and adaptive behavioral styles
  • Behavioral Strengths — A detailed strengths-based description of your overall behavioral style
  • Communication — Tips on how you like to communicate and be communicated with
  • Ideal Job Climate — Your ideal work environment
  • Effectiveness — Insights into how you can be more effective by understanding your behavior
  • Behavioral Motivations — Ways to ensure your environment is motivational
  • Continual Improvement — Areas where you can focus on improving
  • Training & Learning Style — Your preferred means of sharing and receiving styles
  • Relevance Section — Making the information real and pertinent to you
  • Success Connection — Connecting your style to your own life

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