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“Learn the past, watch the present, and create the future.” – Anonymous


Positive Power Strategies, Inc. creates dynamic opportunities for clarifying what is essential to establishing focus and setting the direction for success in life and business. PPS, Inc. assists the Strategic Thinking process by establishing “WHY” one is in the business, career, or relationship and “WHAT” business, career, or relationship looks like. Then, subsequently, PPS, Inc. supports the Strategic Planning to establish “HOW” one will generate or build that product, service or relationship.

Strategic Thinking and Planning requires creating clarity in the following crucial components for success:

    • Long-term Vision.
    • Short-term Mission
    • Core Values
    • Critical Success Factors

The Long-term Vision provides the internal motivation “WHY” and external inspiration “WHAT” for individuals, businesses alike to come together as teams and collaborators.  Painting a vivid, robust vision that extends far beyond a set time frame engages time, talent, energy and ideas alike. Participating in a dynamic visioning process breaks down barriers and silos thus creating cultures, communities and organizations of synergy.

A Short-term Mission a more immediate picture for the future. Facilitating teams, departments, and projects to design vibrant a mission statement that aligns with a clearly communicated vision results in extraordinary success.  The mission defines a focus and “HOW” the business will be carried out in a thoughtful, tangible manner for the planning side of business.

Core Values are the fundamental principles of behavior that will direct the course of business and life.  Saying that one has a value of integrity does not make it so.  Clearly defined behaviors that all participants have fully understood and bought into ensure understanding and compliance again setting the stage for success.

Critical Success Factors are those essential elements that are both necessary and sufficient to achieve the mission and support the long term visionAlthough every individual and business is very special and unique, there are some fundamental elements that hold true across the board.   The following are a few examples:

    • Financial Viability
    • Customer/Relationship Loyalty
    • Leadership Development
    • Products/Services
    • Structures, Systems and Processes


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