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“Synergy is the driver. There are two levels of synergy: there are operating synergies, which, you know, you’d have to be stupid not to try to take advantage of, and then there are strategic synergies. In other words, in what positions you would be more sustainable, more long term, and so on.” – John Malone

Positive Power Strategies, Inc. galvanizes sustainability by establishing with individuals, team and organizations accountability and performance measures. In tandem, PPS, Inc. and clients create dashboards for success

Peak Performance Improvement

Peak Performance Improvement goes beyond meeting the requirements of the job to generating passion and commitment to sustainable, extraordinary results.  Utilizing a collaborative, focused approach, Positive Power Strategies, Inc. assists individuals, teams, department and entire organizations to take their accountability factors to the ultimate level.  This stage is not for coasting, but rather for soaring to new heights.

Matrix and Measures

Matrix and Measures are essential to move beyond the status quo.  Positive Power Strategies, Inc. offers tools and instruments to build and support continuous, well-defined, multidimensional benchmarks and dashboards.  Going beyond the typical business, safety, production, quality and service indicators and using qualitative and quantitative leadership and management data provide means and methods to ensure that culture and business objectives are aligned and on target. Through customized tracking systems, the individual and organization and review, reflect and reframe business strategies and tactics in effective and efficient manner.

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