Your Personal, Professional, Organizational Performance

“Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure.” -Irving Wallace

Positive Power Strategies, Inc. optimizes individual, team and organizational talent and assets to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.  PPS, Inc. turns facilitating purposeful goal achievement and action planning into a meaningful and exciting experience.

Cultural/Relationship Realignment

Cultural/Relationship Realignment is a dynamic strategy.  Whether it’s an entrepreneur, senior level executive, or entry level position, Positive Power Strategies, Inc. provides the experience, tools and expertise to teams, departments and organization to align, get on board and energized with the vision, mission and values of the business and relationship.  Knowing a defined purpose helps the individual, team and leadership to make powerful connections.  Passion then is directed to providing extraordinary products and services.

Leadership & Management Development

Leadership & Management Development is more than just training individuals and teams. L&M development is an ongoing process where tools, time and support are not just learned, but applied. Positive Power Strategies, Inc follows the philosophy that Information and Knowledge is power, applied Information and Knowledge is dynamic change.  Using the ACTS  approach, individuals and organizations will:

    • Objectively assess their strengths, opportunities for growth and clearly defined results.
    • Clarify roles and responsibilities to ensure alignment with vision, mission and values
    • Follow a well established goal achievement process
    • Establish sustainability with measurable benchmarks

Executive Coaching

In Executive Coaching, Positive Power Strategies, Inc. utilizes a facilitated approach to supporting executive and business priorities.   Positive Power Strategies uses an individualized and holistic development process that provides deep behavioral insights intended to accelerate an executive’s business results and effectiveness as a leader. This coaching is based on a highly confidently, respect and collaborative relationship among the executive, his/her boss, and the executive coach.

Team Engagement

Team engagement is a step above team building.  In 206, Gallup published study  indicating  that engaged employees (team members) are “more productive, profitable, safer, create stronger customer relationships, and stay longer with their company than less engaged employees. This latest research indicates that workplace engagement is also a powerful factor in catalyzing “outside-the-box” thinking to improve management and business processes as well as customer service.”

Over the course of time, Positive Power Strategies, Inc. has found that engaging employees while simultaneously focusing on strengths, role clarity and contributions creates the perfect stage for success.  Leveraging the experience and talents of the team and individuals establishes a process that builds on trust and motivation, creating a team that goes beyond empowerment to total engagement.

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