Re-Construct Your World From Half Empty to Half Full to Over Flowing

Laura Novakowski  -  Apr 18, 2012  -  No Comments

“The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives.”

Albert Schweitzer

Research tells us that people average 25,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day and 80% are negative.  No wonder there is so much disease, dysfunction and despair.  What can we do to re-construct our world?  Change our thoughts! This is much easier said than done.

Here are five tips to help us move from half empty to half full to overflowing:

Serve someone or something other than yourself.  Often times, we become so self-absorbed that we are almost immobilized. Staying is bed may sound comfortable, but it really is not the most positive, or productive, use of our time.  When we find a person or a cause that we can help, our energy goes up and time and talent have no limits.

Enjoy Life as DeWitt Jones would say, “Celebrate What’s Right with the World.”  Recently, I was working with a team in which one member was wheelchair bound. Everyone on the team seemed to gravitate to this young man. I so enjoyed his enthusiasm and energy, that I quickly forgot he that he was “handicapped.”  At lunch, he shared his story.  At eighteen, he had been involved with gangs.  He thought that he was invincible and challenged the leader of another gang.  The results were a gunshot wound to the back that left him paralyzed from the waist down, instantly he was a paraplegic.  This experience saved his life.   He said, “I celebrate that I can still think and feel and contribute.”   I often think of his total enjoyment in life and work when I get down.

Review the negative thoughts that you do have and make a conscious decision to be more positive.  Often, we become so caught up in the spirit of being negative or that we forget to take a huge breath and reflect on our thoughts.  Bashing and banging away on a person or a problem generates nothing but headaches. While, stepping away and giving a bad situation space. I was traveling and had a problem with putting my luggage into the overhead compartment on the plane.  The line behind me was backing up and I just couldn’t get the bag in the compartment (of course it was overflowing) and the man who was sitting next to me was giving me instructions for how to make it fit without getting up and assisting. Finally, another kind soul helped me out and the bag was stowed.  At first, I was angry and totally let go of why he chose not to help me.  Later in the flight we started to talk and he told me he just had surgery and had 19 stitches.  I am so grateful that I didn’t allow my negativity to ruin a great rest of the flight and meeting a great person.

Value that you are human. More often than not, we are feeling guilty and angry at ourselves for our own shortcomings.  We sink deeper and deeper into self defeating attitudes that begin to bury our minds, our bodies and our souls.  Learn to laugh at yourself.  I find that I really enjoy sharing stories of some things that I had messed up and can enjoy a great laugh with others about the experience.

xercise and get out of your head.  Physical exercise helps us to overcome negativity, depression and anxiety. We are locked into chairs, cars, planes and almost any other controlled space that limits our ability to be physical.  Instead of jumping into your car and rushing to a luncheon meeting, why not ask a friend to meet you in a park with sneakers and walk for your meeting.  This tip alone has helped me solve problems, brainstorm and ultimately have a greater relationship and level of productivity.

When we choose to re-construct our world with Service, Enjoyment, Reviewing, Valuing and Exercise, our glasses, our thoughts and our lives will always be positive and overflowing.


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