Life’s Expectations

Laura Novakowski  -  Mar 28, 2018  -  , ,  -  No Comments


“It did not really matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expected from us.”

Recently, in re-reading Viktor’s Frankl’s autobiography, A Man’s Search for Meaning, I discoMan's Search for Meaning_March_28_2018vered the above  humbling insight – that to experience life at its fullest I needed to focus on not what I would “get”, but instead, what I would “give.” This sounds simple enough, but now, older and wiser, I appreciate the deeper meaning of “What does life expect from me?” This question has caused me to do a one-eighty in my thinking and ask – “What am I really giving back to life?”

Some immediate thoughts about what life expects from me:

  • To take time to know my strengths, talents and opportunities to change and grow
  • To embrace and love myself
  • To strive every day to be the best “Me” so that my “giving” is genuine and heartfelt
  • To focus on health, not disease
  • To explore and expand universal potential
  • To leave each day better than I found it

As I ponder this question, I realize there are no quick answers.  And so, I am reaching out to all readers for suggestions to help me answer this question –    “What does life expect from us?”

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