The Power of Resilience

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Are you feeling rejected and tested?  Has work and life lost its luster and direction?      Recently, an entrepreneur shared why it became imperative to find a different  perspective.  Due to an unusual turn of events, she had some critical choices to make!  It started early and continued to become more challenging as the day progressed.

First, she met with her top client only to learn that her services were no longer required.  The president of the company confided that it was not personal, but they had found a vendor that could provider the services for a better price.  Now this client had been the mainstay of her company’s business.  She left the meeting slightly dazed.

Next, she was meeting with a  new client. The client told her things had changed and now he didn’t have the resources to fund the project.  He told her to call back in six months.

Third appointment, an executive from a new company that had called her , you guessed it, was no longer with the company.  Her “in” with the company was not gone and so was she.  She was really faced with a dilemma – 3 major  clients snapped right out of reach. What could she  do? What would you do?

This all happened before noon .  Have a few drinks?  Leave town?  Take a nap? At this point, 90% of her business was gone.  “How did this happen?” she asked herself. On the car seat next to her was a blank legal pad, she decided to start writing.  She started again on fresh approaches, fresh calls and fresh meetings. By 5PM that day, she had a new client and 3 new prospects.  Since then, her top client has already called her back.

At times like this, it is not helpful to be faint of heart or passive.  Now is the time to be resilient and creative.  If we had to find the  resources, time, money and people to help us save a life, what would we be willing to do? Our businesses and our lives will always be dared and disputed.  Resilience offers us the power to   be more innovative, more entrepreneurial, more pioneering  than ever  before!

Resilience is a powerful choice.










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