Trust Your Intuition

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Intuition is powerful. We all have it. The problem is we often overlook it, second guess it, or just plain  ignore it.  Only to discover, that if we would have listened to that voice in the head, heart and gut that nudged, then shoved  and even shouted, that the voice was oh so right.

The word intuition comes from the Latin intueri, meaning to consider, “to look on. Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary sums up intuition asthe immediate knowing or learning of something without the conscious use of reasoning; instantaneous apperception.”  This intuitive “look on” implies something deeper than simple perception. It is the ability of “apperception“ ; “to take hold of” knowledge in one glance.

Simply, intuition is direct knowledge.

I am not saying that facts are not important. Facts are, often times, essential in moving forward in making critical decisions.  However, intuition helps set the vision, expand the strategy and lead to extraordinary success.

I recently watch the movie, Captain America, the First Avenger, on DVD.  Dr. Abraham Erskine, a scientist who comes to America during the World War II era to help overcome the Germans. He needs to find the ideal candidate for a very special scientific experiment. In this experiment, he will create a super hero that will help win the war.  He finds in Steve Rodgers, a 90 pound weakling.

All the facts showed, that Steve was the smallest, lacked endurance, and stamina. Intuition showed, Rodgers possessed traits of honor, heart, willingness to take a beating and never, ever quit.  The obvious facts showed stronger, brawnier men. The knowing showed heart, integrity and courage.

Dr. Erskine just KNEW that Rodgers had what it would take to become the perfect candidate.  If you can’t watch the movie, watch the clip: Facts don’t show what intuition leads you to know.

In my experience, often times the facts would have closed many a business. The intuition kept it and keeps it going. It’s great to have facts, as I mentioned earlier, facts are always important. However, intuition, your knowing, will help you to overcome tremendous obstacles, find amazing new opportunities and will lead you to fabulous results. Learn to trust your intuition!


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