Turn Around Negativity – Use the “As If” Principle

Laura Novakowski  -  Aug 24, 2013  -  , , ,  -  Comments Off on Turn Around Negativity – Use the “As If” Principle

Business thinking  today is all too often about worry and fear.  If and when the focus is on negativity, too little of our mind power and  our talent go to actually achieving our dreams and goals.  What if we could turn that negativity around, make positive, proactive progress and sustainable change?

Obviously, this is not a new problem.  Dr. William James, the man considered the Father of American Psychology, addressed this very issue by promoting a   concept that he called the “As If” principle. Dr. James’ approach was really simple…


“If you act like a certain person, yolionInMirror_Aug_23_2013u become that person.”


Acting as if the world is falling apart, there is no hope and the company cannot survive will pretty much guarantee that your world, your community or your company will fail.  When individuals and teams are asked, “how many of you are hired to solve problems” most people will raise their hands.  Their energy immediately goes up, ideas  start to flow and there is immediate action towards solving then problem.  A problem acted upon, is a problem 90% solved.

When an obstacle stands in the way, turn that barrier into a stepping stone.  If people are asked, “how many of you like adventure” there is usually a loud, resounding yes. Once again, the shift in energy is amazing and positive.  People, sit taller, eyes sparkle, anticipation rises and new options open up.  Exploring looks and feels a lot better than hitting a wall.

When someone puts down your ideas or dreams and says you are going to fail, let them know that YOU intend to make it happen and MOVE on. There’s a saying – “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.”  Staying in the conversation with someone that is trying to beat you down will only cause you to lose momentum.  Now is the time to “act as if” nothing, and I do mean, nothing can dissuade your from your purpose and passion.  This is a very healthy way to keep on going towards success.

When you have creativity blocks “act as if” you are really innovative. Pull out crayons, blank sheets of paper. Drawing is not one of my talents, but when I am stuck, I become the Picasso of stick figures (at least in my mind).  It’s amazing how imaginative we can become when we simply DO something creative.


road to success August_Aug23_2013Another of my favorite quotes is from William Shakespeare, “The choices we make, dictate the life that we lead.



When we act “as if” we are happy, inspired, leaders, invaluable, value centered and the list can obviously go on and on in a positive direction, we are so much more likely to be successful. Why not give it a try?



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